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Patriot Social Events

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" goes the old adage. How true it is! Whether we're working at making money, raising our children, or any other form of sustained commitment, a "time out" for recreation and relaxation is essential to keeping our lives in proper balance.

Patriots are more susceptible to the "all work and no play" scenario than most Americans because the quest for the restoration of American liberty is an additional "duty" that non-Patriots don't have in their lives. I don't think any Patriot would dispute that living out our principles in a world that does not honor or support individual liberty can be tough.

In addition to sometimes feeling burdened, it's all too easy for Patriots to feel isolated because so many people in our society have lost touch with the concepts that we hold so dear. In some cases Patriots even feel estranged from family members who refer to us as "anti-government" or "crazy", or who warn younger family members not to listen to the things we say because we'll "get them in trouble".

All of these realities can lead to stress, anxiety and a general lack of good humor. What you need may be some relaxing social time with your true peers, in an atmosphere where the person sitting to your left and right, and those throughout the room, understand what you go through everyday and they respect and honor you for your commitment and dedication.

To that end, Original Intent plans to schedule semi-formal dinners at various locations around the Union. These events will be held in the banquet rooms at selected hotels. Invited guest speakers will open the evening's events. Afterward, hotel staff will serve dinner and desert. After dinner there will be a couple of hours for dancing and general socializing.

Not only is this a great opportunity to be among your peers, but it is also a great opportunity to bring a couple of those "nay sayers" in the family and let them see that there are whole lot of us out there and we can be a lot of fun. While you're at it, bring that in-law who's an accountant or tax attorney!

If you'd like to be on the planning committee for these events in your area, please let us know at events@originalintent.org.

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