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Political Affairs Division

Mission Statement

The Political Affairs Division of Original Intent is bound by, and committed to, the principles espoused and enumerated through Original Intent's Education Division. [See http://www.originalintent.org/edu/]

The Political Affairs Division seeks to bring an awareness of Original Intent's principles and doctrine to as many American Citizens as possible, and to encourage every American Citizen to speak and to act in support of the principles upon which this great nation was established by our Founding Fathers. The Political Affairs Division shall work to accomplish these goals through the following actions:

  • Establish cooperative relationships with other ideologically compatible political organizations.
  • Integrate Original Intent's principles into the message of other organizations.
  • Bring useful information from other organizations to the attention of Original Intent members.
  • Promote an atmosphere within the Patriot Movement that encourages unity among all Americans.
  • Provide a framework in which separate elements of the Patriot Movement can operate cohesively and cooperatively to achieve maximum impact within all States of the union.
  • Provide articulate and knowledgeable speakers for public and private speaking engagements, including debates.
  • Actively promote media interest and accuracy in the various aspects of the Patriot Movement.
  • Make qualified representatives available to the print media, radio, and television.
  • Provide a cohesive and unified Patriot message to the American People.
  • Lobby local, State, and federal level politicians for legislative changes that will foster and promote individual liberties.

By these methods, the Political Affairs Division intends to vigorously bring the Patriot message to the American People in a manner that will be well understood and readily appreciated by every red-blooded American. We believe the message of restoring and preserving individual liberty is as potent and significant today as it was in 1776.

We humbly ask for your prayers, hopes, and support as we chart this new course to hasten our fundamental goal -- "Restoring the Republic...one Citizen at a time".