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Original Intent's Founding Fathers Award

There is an old adage, "No good deed goes unpunished". All too often it seems as though those who pursue nothing more than power and money receive all nature of public adulation and recognition, while those who sacrifice for higher principles, such as honor and liberty, are viewed as sadly anachronistic. In today's society a high price can be exacted for pursuing principles such as honor and liberty.

We live in an era in which adherence to the original intent of the Founding Fathers is viewed as "odd" at best, and "dangerous" at worst. In today's society, great men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Patrick Henry, et al, would be considered little more than troublemakers. It is to our national shame that such is America's current condition.

In the face of such shortsighted societal devolution, there are those among us who refuse to submit to this modern ethos, choosing instead to live by the founding principles that once made America a true bastion of personal liberty. These men and women are like diamonds; difficult to find, few in number, but hard and brilliant. They stand against the tide, working to preserving all that is good and right in America. They are the beacons of liberty in a tumultuous sea of modernism. It is these man and women that Original Intent honors with the Founding Father's Award.

Original Intent provides this award in two forms. The first is to honor an individual or an organization for actions that have substantially promoted the great cause of liberty in America. This is the Original Intent Founding Father's Award.

The second is to honor websites that have actively promoted the cause of liberty in America. This is the Original Intent Founding Father's Internet Award.

Decisions concerning who will receive the Founding Father's Award will be made exclusively by the staff of Original Intent, but we welcome recommendations from the Patriot community concerning potential candidates for the Award. Should you make a recommendation, please tell us what the proposed candidate has done that merits consideration for the Award as well as means of contacting the proposed candidate. You may forward your recommendations to editor@originalintent.org.

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